Together we are DISCIPLES of jesus christ, living out the gospel of god's transforming love in humboldt county and beyond.

Current Series 

The book of Acts chronicles the Holy Spirit’s movement within and through the people of the early churches throughout Jerusalem and Rome because of ordinary radicals sharing the gospel. Join us as we learn from those faithful first followers who positioned their lives around their Savior resurrected Jesus Christ and how that translates to each of us today.

group life

Photo Credit: ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

Life groups meet weekly to live out Catalyst mission by creating disciples of Jesus who live out the gospel of God's transforming love in Humboldt County and beyond. 



Children’s ministry exists so that we may teach children to make friends, grow, and care. Our goal is to see kids understand truth, have fun while learning, and feel loved by the staff and volunteers while making life decisions that glorify God.