WHO LEADS Catalyst?

First and foremost, we want God to lead Catalyst. Sounds like the obvious answer…but this simple statement informs Catalyst’s posture in leadership. In essence, our leaders’ role is to seek God, to see where He is moving, to follow Him, and to bring others with them.


One thing we’ve learned in our few years as a church is that ministry is not meant to be carried alone. From our elder board to our staff structure to our volunteer teams within each ministry, CATALYST is led by teams. This provides stronger leadership through stability, complementary strengths and weaknesses, decisions made with broader perspective, and greater accountability.


There are leaders who make up CATALYST’s leadership. But we also believe that every follower of Jesus has a role to play in God’s Kingdom. That each person is uniquely made and equipped for the ministry that God has put before us. From the early days, we’ve been a church led largely by people like you and me…people simply stepping into their role as ministers of Jesus.

In fact, if you’ve been to a weekend gathering or any other gathering of our community, you were virtually surrounded by the leaders of CATALYST.  We invite you to find your place in this community and to step into the unique role that God has called you to.