Catalyst Church


The children’s ministry at Catalyst Church.


Our desire is to create a safe and supportive atmosphere for 3 things to happen:

1. UP: To help kids discover trust and love in their relationship with God and others. 
2. IN: To nurture Christ-like character in body, mind, and spirit. 
3. OUT: To promote empathy, sharing, and compassion for God's glory.


Our weekend gatherings begin at 11:15am. Children are dismissed for Sunday School after beginning worship around 11:30am and then will be brought back into service to participate with communion and worship, around 12:10pm. 

» Nursery [ages 0-4]: Here children will lovingly receive developmental play that promotes healthy cognitive and motor skill growth.

» Kids [ages 5-9]: In this area children will experience various games, songs, activities and teaching times to help them understand and apply Biblical principles in their everyday lives. We believe discipleship begins at home and is supplemented at Church, so parents will receive a lesson to continue conversation at home.

» Jr. Mentors [ages 10-12]: Technically catalystKIDS only goes to 9 years of age. But for kids between 11 and 12 that would like to be a helper in KIDTROPOLIS we have a Jr Mentor program. Each Jr Mentor will be assigned to a younger kid and their role is to be a friend, supporter, and teacher to that child. Jr Mentors have to be responsible, trustworthy, and have a friendly heart.


Your child’s safety is our number one priority. We have a number of policies and procedures in place to protect your child. A few of them are:

» Background Checks: All volunteers are subject to a background check and all room leaders to finger-printing.

» Waiting Period: All volunteers must have attended Catalyst for at least 3 months before volunteering. We want to know who you are.

» Check-In/Out: Only the person who checked the child in is allowed to check them out.

» Room Access: Only on-duty catalystKIDS staff and volunteers [with name-tags], and parents accompanying their children are allowed in the KIDTROPOLIS area.

» Germs: We pay attention to the cleanliness of the room, and ask parents of children who are showing symptoms of sickness to not check their kids in until they are feeling better.


We are always looking for qualified volunteers to invest in the lives of children at catalystKIDS. As a volunteer we ask that you serve at least once a month for 6 months, so that the kids can get to know you relationally. You can volunteer in 3 ways:

» Leader: Plan and teach the curriculum and schedule other volunteers. Experience working with kids is a plus, and we will offer additional training.

» Assistant: Help the leader supervise the children and assist with all games, activities, and teaching times.

» Set-up/Tear-down: Set-Up is around 10:45am-11:00am. Tear-Down is directly after service. This is the one volunteer area that does not require finger-printing or a background check since you will not be directly working with kids.


For any additional info, contact: Bethany Cseh at